Inflatable Toys? look again

West Virginia-based artist Brett Kern has mastered the art of illusion with handcrafted ceramic sculptures that deceptively look like inflatable toys. Each figure in this ongoing series of work presents a set of whimsically simple characters, be it a minimalist dinosaur or a cartoonish astronaut. With additional details including its shiny glaze, a cleverly placed air valve, and the painted illusion of seams, pinched from the pressure of air inside, Kern manages to easily trick viewers into believing his ceramic works are merely balloons.The artist says of his work: “My predilection for producing collectible objects comes from my training as a potter and my persistent preoccupation with collecting toys, pop memorabilia, and nostalgic items from my youth.” He adds, “Movies, television, toys and games dominated the cultural landscape of my youth. I am a product of this specific time period, and I like to think of my artwork as the fossils that will help preserve it.”


These are the kind of tattoos i would get… if i could of course.

I have always toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo. As much as i appreciate the old conventional tattoos of old, these current ones are more graphically inclined which seem to pull me more than the others.

Id have to say that apart from my religion forbidding oneself to have this on their skin, im also not that fond of having small needles poking me. And i also hate the fact that this will be a permanent thing.

Without further ado, check out Bicem Sinik’s work


Artist Creates “Paintings” with One Sheet of Intricately Folded Fabric – My Modern Met

This would look good in my house as instead of wall art, but then i remembered it would be quite a dust and cat fur magnet if i did.

“The naturally semitransparent mesh is layered upon itself to succeed in simulating varying shades. The result is an amazing monochromatic image rich with texture. For some of his more abstract work known as Flows, Shine says, “[They] take their compositional cues from the fabric itself to reveal the inherent qualities of motion, fragility and transience.”




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