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Hack your monitor and 3D glasses, ensure ultimate privacy

Category : Design, Videos

You’ve always wanted a bit more privacy with your monitor (porn jokes notwithstanding) and if you’re willing to tear apart a spare LCD monitor and a pair of 3D theater glasses (thanks, Dreamworks and Pixar!), you’ll get it. In lieu of a thicker tinfoil hat, Instructables‘ dimovi suggests removing the LCD’s frame, cutting out its polarized film with a utility knife before removing the screen’s film adhesive with a combination of cleaner and paint thinner and reassembling the monitor. Once complete, grab the glasses, cut out the lenses and combine them with the plastic film removed from the monitor before inserting them back into their frames. The result is an LCD monitor that displays a white screen to anyone not wearing the customized glasses, your actions being confidential, no matter what they might happen to be. Check the how-to video embedded

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