Animals strike the pose for conservation – Lennette Newell

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TIGERS, monkeys and elephants are just some of the stars photographed for a new campaign to raise awareness for wildlife conservation.

The stunning images were snapped by top photographer Lennette Newell over four years — but this is the first time her “Animals” collection has been brought together.

Working with animal trainers and owners, Lennette has captured 18 different endangered or vulnerable species striking their cutest — or fiercest — pose.

Lennette – who is also a fashion photographer — said: “I wanted this to be a personal series from the start that drew in my contacts from the animal world in California and friends who work day in and day out with animals.

 “We decided that it would be appropriate to draw attention to the plight of exotic animals such as tigers, lions, elephants and smaller creatures such as rhesus monkeys and black bears.
“The public I feel takes their existence for granted, sees them on television on National Geographic every day.
“I wanted everyone who views them to remember that if no direct action is taken some of these beautiful creatures will be gone in less than ten years.” 
Some of the cute fur balls were rescued from the illegal trading of exotic animals, like Dreamy the monkey.”The little rhesus monkey who is staring straight at the camera, he was rescued just the day before from the black market,” said Lennette.  
 “He was re-homed with a non-profit sanctuary in California, but he was so cute and so calm with me.
“Usually a primate like that would have been nervous, especially a rescued one.
“He was a joy and jumping all over me, interested in my camera and seemed to be so happy to be surrounded by people who were interested in his wellbeing.”
Lennette, from California, US, also managed to capture the miracle of birth in the animal kingdom.

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