Beautiful Recycled Bio-Glass: Super-Strong Surface Material

Category : Art, Design

Produced in various shades of green, blue, aqua and white, these composite materials reflect their origins as conventional glass bottles in terms of color but also in shape – you can actually see that these surfaces were once part of a round glass drinking containers. Imperfections become design details, and wear shows less on these hybrid planes as it does with composite materials generally.

There are all kind of cool green building materials and other types of recycled glass counter-tops, but few can boast the breadth of uses supported by Bio Glass, which comes in various eye-catching colors and can be used as a flooring material, wall finish or worktop surface. Functional, fashionable and eco-friendly, this innovative design idea has already won a series of awards and is sure to win some more.

Source: Beautiful Recycled Bio-Glass: Super-Strong Surface Material | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

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