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Ive recently been told abt an exhibition where a photographer used projections to create a sense of being together in a single space when in reality they are continents apart. I liked the concept straight away, in your face facetime(pun intended)


Being Together from John Clang on Vimeo.

This video installation was shown at Clang’s recent solo exhibition. It recorded a very intimate process of him and his family taking a family portrait together using webcam and projection.

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An excerpt from the site
In this series, webcam was used to do live recording of my family in Singapore. The recording was then transmitted via skype to New York City and projected onto my living space. This is how families, dis(membered) through time and space, can be re(membered) and made whole again through the use of a third space, a site that is able to reassemble them together within the photographic space that we call a family portrait. Drawing upon my own experiences of being separated from my family as a New York-based Singaporean, this work documents and examines our condition of new-wave diaspora – Singaporean families of various races and ethnicities grappling with the same predicament of separation through time and space. In addition, this is also an extension of one of the recurring theme of my works: the fascination with the expressions of time and space and how we negotiate our human existences within these two dimensions. this work specifically addresses the phenomenon of differing time zones, the different dimensions of our human representations, and how we can finally coexist, albeit in pixilated and two-dimensional forms.

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