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Printhead Cleanup and DIY Thumbdrive Envelope

Printhead Cleanup and DIY Thumbdrive Envelope


What happens when a plan you’ve had in mind falls apart? You improvise and you improvise quick. Long story short, i had shot a wedding with some folks over at Latenightproject and was due to send over the deliverables to the client. Everything was going well so far with the PhotoBook and Custom Album being ready early the only thing left i had to do was to archive all photos into a DVD and print the usual cover design. All routine so far right? well that’s as far as my usual routines go. It turns out that my printer was busted and i couldnt figure out what the problem was.


Beautiful Recycled Bio-Glass: Super-Strong Surface Material

Category : Art, Design
Beautiful Recycled Bio-Glass: Super-Strong Surface Material

Produced in various shades of green, blue, aqua and white, these composite materials reflect their origins as conventional glass bottles in terms of color but also in shape – you can actually see that these surfaces were once part of a round glass drinking containers. Imperfections become design details, and wear shows less on these hybrid planes as it does with composite materials generally.


The Difference Between Hyphen, En Dash And Em Dash 

Category : Design
The Difference Between Hyphen, En Dash And Em Dash 


I’ll be honest, i never noticed the difference in the lines that went between some words till i worked at a “smallish” design agency 6 years ago. They were quite strict to get it correct even if the client themselves got it wrong. Check out the youtube video to understand more abt the difference between hyphen, en dash and em dash and suddenly conciously notice it everywhere you go from now on 🙂


BatterProject logo and branding

batterproject logo branding

I had the opportunity to work with the lady boss of BatterProject for their logo and branding. I was so very keen cos i have not been doing logo and branding in a long time and i’ve been itching to do it again. The fact that i get to sample some of their bakes is a bonus as well. Ok I wont lie, my mind was more or less swayed because of that reason alone. (more…)