3D Calligraphy Art | Tolga Girgin

3D Calligraphy Art | Tolga Girgin

Like us, you probably thought that calligraphy didn’t really have any room in which to evolve. It definitely couldn’t get any better. After all, calligraphy is beautiful, but can it really be done differently? Well, according to Turkey-based graphic designer, Tolga Girgin, it can.Girgin has created a series of wonderfully scripted letters that look three-dimensional. Upon first sight, it looks as though his gorgeous lettering is leaping off the page, and you quickly assume it’s a sculpture. But it isn’t. It’s two-dimensional calligraphy. Just as it always has been. Except now Girgin has breathed new life into the genre (if it even is a genre). See, when people tell you art has no new ground to trod, artists and thinkers like Girgin just come along and prove you wrong.


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Some Manchester United posters. Not sure if it can be called a poster if its only in A5 size though 🙂
Hi res materials are hard to come by so unless anyone requests for a higher res version for A3 or A0 poster printing, these shall remain as is. (more…)