paint your art with a typewriter – Tyree Callahan

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A typewriter that paints? Artist Tyree Callahan modified this 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter to do just that, replacing each key with a different hue that can paint on paper. A chromatic typewriter isn’t by any means practical (the keys have to be manually reloaded with paint) – but the concept is still pretty interesting.

So, how did he come up with the idea to create the typewriter, and once he had that idea how did he turn it into a reality? We had the opportunity to talk about the project with Tyree. Here’s what he had to say:


Lifelike Masks

It appears that there’s a number of customers willing to pay a lot to be in possession of a lifelike replica of their face or even their whole head … or at least, REAL-f hopes so. The Japanese company offers extremely realistic 3D models of human faces and heads made using vinyl chloride resin, based on its own technique called 3DPFs (3 Dimension Photo Forms). (more…)

Before the Fifa Footie game series existed – Bola Picit Picit (the poorman’s Subbuteo)

No Subbuteo? No problem

Found my old stash of home made cardboard/paper football thingies!  Before the Fifa Football game series became what it is today, my siblings and i turned ourselves to the world of imaginative football with a little diy.

What im getting at here is that, before the advent of computer/console games, football was mostly played outside with an actual ball or in the case of my household, it was played with an aluminium ball rolled into the shape of a very miniature game ball. The players were made with some thick paper or cardboard. Many a tissue box was sacrificed to make 22 rectangular shapes, painted with club colours and then folded in half. The idea is to make it stand like an inverted ‘V’ shape let it stand on its own and then quickly press down at the apex of the cardboard to launch the ball forward. You do this with varying strengths and ball placement to direct the shot at goal or a team mate. Hence the name. Bola picit picit is what we call it in our native malay language. A loose, word for word translation means; press press football. I shall perhaps show a video demo in another post if many are interested.


Typewriter Drawings – Keira Rathbone

ASCII-drawings to Pish-machine — 27-year-old British artist Keira Rathbone does not use a brush or pencil. Their it successfully replaces the typewriter. Kira first began experimenting with a typewriter, even at the university. 30 typewriters that she used to create unique portraits. Such as: Obama, Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe


Typographic World Map – Designahoy on Etsy

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Chicago designer Nancy McCabe creates gorgeous maps of the world using (almost) nothing but words.
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We love globes, but we despise reading them. All those extraneous symbols and endless topographic lines that could easily be confused with countries — if not for Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego, we’d probably go on thinking Dar es Salaam is an island in Norway.

The global maps shown here are a promising antidote. Created by Chicago designer Nancy McCabe, they strip down the geography of the world to virtually nothing but words. Focus on a single continent and you can scan its vast array of nations, cities, and seas without the usual surfeit of visual interference. Blind grids shows latitude and longitude, keeping the whole thing from feeling too obscure and unmap-like.


An Honourable Photoshop Master- BaoJun Yuan

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Baojun Yuan is a member of China Senior Photographers Association. He is highly respected by Chinese people. Why? In the past nine years, Mr. Yuan has repaired more than 2000 old photos for residents for free. Course it is not surprising enough if you have no idea about this great man. Mr. Yuan is 76 years old now. He didn’t know Photoshop until his was 60 years old. Mr. Yuan learned repairing skills from a teacher and was soon skilled in it. Considering that repairing old photos is too expensive for most of the residents to afford, Mr. Yuan himself bought a computer and a scanner and began service people without any charge. In his words “my teacher just taught me how to repair the photos, but he forgot to tell me how to charge”.
Let’s have a look at Mr. Yuan’s works with respect.


Brock Davies

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Brock Davis is a Minneapolis-based artist and musician who works on primarily self-initiated projects in a variety of mediums. He currently serves as creative director at Carmichael Lynchwhere his work has won such accolades as the prestigious Cannes Lion award for creative excellence. Not limiting himself to advertising, Brock’s talents span music, drawing, graphic design, writing, works of art both serious and absurd, and a killer instinct for video games. The one constant is an exceptional track record for transforming humor and insights into work that gets a reaction.


Art Behind the Movies

In every film production there is an enormous visual contribution given to a movie by the illustrators and set designers who work under the artistic guidance of the Production Designer. At the earliest stage , a Production Designer is hired by the Producer to start assembling an art department and begin designing the movie according to the scrip, focusing on mood, atmosphere and it’s characters to better serve the story .

Rodolfo Damaggio have had the pleasure to work under some of the most renowned Production Designers , some are showcased here.