Putra, gone too soon……

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You’ve touched us all, and will forever be in our hearts.
4th March 2009 – 28th April 2012

The face i see everytime i close my eyes

Exactly 3 years and 1 day…… dats the time we’ve had with each other. You came to our home as a lil curled up furrball, the date was 27th April 2009. It was a week where i had just stopped working at my dayjob which worked in my favour since i could take care of you day and night. Where i can be there to ease your anxiety of being in a new location, experiencing new smells, new sights and of course…. to settle into your new home. (more…)

Walkthrough: Indoor Pin-up Photoshoot

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Alright, long story short i received a msg via whatsapp asking if i was interested to help out do a Pin-up shoot. Without any hesitation, i said hell yeah! After a few calls and messages, i roughly have an idea of what to expect and what is needed of me for this shoot. I gathered the team from latenightproject and got cracking (more…)

Hack your monitor and 3D glasses, ensure ultimate privacy

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You’ve always wanted a bit more privacy with your monitor (porn jokes notwithstanding) and if you’re willing to tear apart a spare LCD monitor and a pair of 3D theater glasses (thanks, Dreamworks and Pixar!), you’ll get it. In lieu of a thicker tinfoil hat, Instructables‘ dimovi suggests removing the LCD’s frame, cutting out its polarized film with a utility knife before removing the screen’s film adhesive with a combination of cleaner and paint thinner and reassembling the monitor. Once complete, grab the glasses, cut out the lenses and combine them with the plastic film removed from the monitor before inserting them back into their frames. The result is an LCD monitor that displays a white screen to anyone not wearing the customized glasses, your actions being confidential, no matter what they might happen to be. Check the how-to video embedded

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Light Light – Levitating Lamps

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Some assembly required

Silhouette #1 Demo Video from Crealev on Vimeo.

Designer Angela Jansen of Design Academy Eindhoven recently collaborated with engineer Ger Jansen on a pair of skeumorphic LED lamps that they’re currently selling through as Light Light. Their website knowingly notes that “It is uncommon for engineers to find good domestic applications for their technology… and it is likewise rare for designers of consumer objects to embrace cutting-edge technology wholeheartedly.” Which, of course, is “perhaps what makes the cross-pollination of ideas between Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen so remarkable.”

The Light Light series creates an incredible visual conversation piece. It is like an optical illusion, yet one that is kind to the eyes and easy on the mind. Once you know how it works, it is still fascinating to behold. It is timeless, classical and, at the same time, contemporary.


GEARS OF WAR LEGO Lancer Assault Rifle – Plum B

If you’ve played Gears of War then you know about the Lancer. It’s the game’s most famous weapon, a full-automatic assault rifle equipped with a chainsaw. Also known as the Lancer Assault Rifle Mk2, it’s a mainstay of the COG fighting force and it’s the weapon you’ll carry with you for most of the game. It is, in some ways, outclassed by Gears of War 3‘s Retro Lancer, but that chainsaw bayonet is just about as much fun as melee combat gets.


Time-lapse video of Earth captured aboard the International Space Station

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Most of the time-lapse videos we feature on the site have been taken by a camera setup on the Earth’s surface somewhere. Today, however, we’ve got a time-lapse from space, more specifically, it was captured from on board the International Space Station while looking down at the surface of the Earth rushing by below.

The video below starts when the ISS is over the Pacific Ocean. It then travels over North, then South America before reaching Antarctica. The actual list of areas and events travelled over is given below in the order they appear in the video. The lightning storm is especially nice and lucky to get on film from above.

  • Vancouver Island
  • Victoria
  • Vancouver
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • San Fransisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Mexico
  • Mexico City
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Yucatan Peninsula
  • Lightning in the Pacific Ocean
  • Guatemala
  • Panama
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Amazon

What’s striking is not only the speed at which the Earth is passing below the ISS, but the brightness of the light coming from the major areas of population. It’s a reminder of how much we as humans dominate the Earth and how much we have changed the way it looks.

I recommending watching the video in 1080p and full screen to get the full effect. I also hope we get a lot more footage like this both from the ISS and satellites that are currently travelling through our solar system. It really brings home how beautiful our planet is.

Source here

Grocery shopping in subway stations

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Imagine waiting for the train while picking out your groceries from a display case filled with products identical in size, scale and color to really grocery store shelves. If the first round of the digital revolution was about making the real virtual, this time it is about making the virtual real again. Video at end of post


Video Game in a Box – Teague Labs

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This little side-scrolling game looks like a lot of fun to play, especially if you stumble upon it lying on a table with an inviting “pull me” label. It looks like playing a normal Mario game but in a horrible nightmare featuring a controller so sticky you can’t stop running to the right.