Even more Gears of War + LEGO fun!

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I previously posted abt a guy who did a Gears of War Lancer made entirely out of LEGO
Now for some more Gears of War + LEGO fun!

Read on for a “making of video”

A stop-motion pop ‘n stop spoof? I’ll take it!

You know how you’ll have those things in your life and love them, and also recognize that before you knew of them you never knew you needed them? Yep. That’s exactly what this is. And I hope you understand what that sentence said, because I can only barely make it out.
 A perfect representation of Gears of War, in LEGO form. And yes, I would spend $60 to play this game because it looks oh so dope.

Props to the team that made this, called Kooberz Studios. Make sure to check out the linked videos at the end to see how they did it, and support them so they can continue to do a lot more!

I want to see a Splinter Cell and a God of War version done LEGO. Stealth headshots and takedowns would be excellent. Tearing off mythical creatures’ heads would do just fine, too. I don’t know about you.
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