Ever wondered how globes are made?

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Check out Bellerby & Co. Globemakers. And here are photos of them doing what they do. It never occured to me that these are still made by hand and it is quite an impressive sight.

For a quick write up, pls visit CityLab for a more comprehensive story


Bellerby, 50, founded Bellerby & Co. Globemakers—one of the world’s only handcrafted globe making studios—in London in 2008 when he couldn’t find a quality globe for his father’s 80th birthday. They were either too cheaply made or too expensive and fragile. So he decided to make one himself. How hard could it be?

Bellerby gave himself three months and a few thousand pounds to get the job done. “It very quickly got out of control,” he says. The meridian alone, the metal band that encircles the globe, cost more than 15,000 pounds (or $23,000) to perfect. “I realized that if I was going to continue, I had to at least have a stab at making a business out of it because the cost was not justifiable for anyone’s birthday present.”

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“Essentially in the 20th century, people forgot how to make globes accurate.”

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Source: Inside Bellerby and Co., A Look at the Painstaking, Intricate Art of Globemaking – CityLab

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