Got my business cards ready

Category : Design


HELL YEAH! After going thru alot of samples from the namecard providers here ive finally settled on one that has the closest quality and finishing that i had in mind. I know its kinda cliche for a photographer to use viewfinders as part of their design/marketing campaign but hey….. who’s to judge eyy? 

I have since gone through abt 2 service providers and i have yet to find one that is totally black and opaque that also offers a very good transparency with good clarity and finish. The few ones i previously got were either only just 70% transparent and has a rough finishing, or its 98% transparent with a very smooth finishing but the black ink tends to flake off quite easily after being kept. (few close friends have pointed that out to me after keeping the cards in their wallet after sometime.

Oh  well, i guess i’ll either change the design in the future or just hope someone has improved their printing techniques with regards to my requirements.

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