I welcome you with open arms

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Well then, where do i begin.
Considering this is my first blogpost ever, i shall start off with a welcome message. It has been years since ive been needed to write and compose a message that does not require me to dial a person’s number at the end of it. Even my emails are usually very short šŸ˜€

I guess one good thing abt blogging is that it excersises the mind, keeps you on your toes. You’re always alert, it makes you think and remember what has been done during the past few hours. In fact i really really should start listing things down as and when i have something to share on my blog. Im sure it’ll make my life so much easier to construct proper sentences together. So if you’re a teacher, or a grammar nazi, feel free to drop me a line to show me the err of my ways……… with regards to my writing of course

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