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Im inspired!

Category : Photography


Few weeks ago, i stumbled upon these fellas calling themselves Inspire Me Baby. After a few weeks of being busy, and trying to look busy, im finally able to blog abt it. From my understanding, the site is, in their own words,

“devoted to publishing inspiring baby/child/and family photography. We cover everything from amazing newborn sessions to unique and fun family sessions. The work featured here inspires me and I hope it inspires you too.”

They cover sessions made by other Baby/Child Photographers as well. Ive done a few newborn and baby photo sessions myself, all to a certain success and failure. How i wish i had stumbled across this site years ago. It has a wealth of information pertaining to baby/child and family photography

Im not at liberty to link their images here, cos they might belong to the respective photographers. So you just have to head on down there yourself…… Go ahead, have a look.

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