Artist Creates “Paintings” with One Sheet of Intricately Folded Fabric – My Modern Met

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This would look good in my house as instead of wall art, but then i remembered it would be quite a dust and cat fur magnet if i did.

“The naturally semitransparent mesh is layered upon itself to succeed in simulating varying shades. The result is an amazing monochromatic image rich with texture. For some of his more abstract work known as Flows, Shine says, “[They] take their compositional cues from the fabric itself to reveal the inherent qualities of motion, fragility and transience.”



Beautiful Double Exposures Merge Animals With The Landscapes They Inhabit

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I have seen quite a bit of the double exposure thingy since it first came about few years ago.

Slightly easier to pull off with a digital camera that has a double exposure mode built in, but film purists may achieve this effect with their analog mechanical cameras as well. As long as it has the double exposure lever mostly near to where the film advance lever is.

While this has not been created in camera, it is no less impressive. The selection of photos has been carefully chosen and it looks and feels majestic.

“I’m inspired by nature and I like to work with images of animals because, unlike humans, animals are always photogenic.” – Andreas Lie



Side A and Side B

Not sure if this has been done before but this design has also been at the back of my mind for some time now.

This would be slightly more expensive to reproduce but i think its worth it cos it gets the message across better with the design on both front and back.

Size chart after the jump


Digital Compositing work for Sony, TopGear Singapore and CarBuyer

Category : Digital Edits
Digital Compositing work for Sony, TopGear Singapore and CarBuyer

These are just a collection of some of the digital compositing stuff i had to do while at my previous jobs, some of these are quite old and are just proposal so we’re just using low res stock photos.

Usually the brief for this is either very very brief(see what i did there) or very urgent. We need to quickly understand the client’s needs, what they want to show and the mood portrayed, all in a matter of days and sometimes hours.

I would first do some quick sketches to get a good overall feel and sense of size ratios and composition. Once i have a general idea it makes it easier to look for photos in the case for sony since they didnt provide us with any image assets to work with. When this happens, stock photo agencies are your best friends. Im sure you already have a selected few already saved in your bookmarks by now.  (more…)