Paranoid abt getting your lenses stolen? This may be for you

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Are you one of those photographers who prefers shooting primes over zoom lenses while covering and event? Apart from having an extra body while shooting, im sure some of us will have another set of prime lens with a specific focal range for  specific look. Well i fall into that category myself, i love shooting with primes. Having 3 focal ranges to shoot with 2 bodies, always leaves my 3rd lens out in the open for a short while. Usually ill just have it close to me, when im shooting on my knees or near a table next to me when im shoot standing up. Having the camera snug to my face makes for a very easy pick for a lucky “camera lens” opportunist.

Its also valuable if you travel alot. The GearGuard is a new a series of camera and equipment security devices that provide photographers with a theft prevention system for their gear. The flagship products in this new line include the GearGuard Camera Body Lock and the GearGuard Bag Lock, both of which are designed to safeguard a camera from the constant snatch-and-grab threat faced by photographers.

Read on for a possible solution to keep both your paranoia and opportunistic thieves at bay

Taken from Gary Fong’s website

Gary Fong Inc. has entered a new photographic space with the launch of its GearGuard line. Known for its array of lighting accessories, Gary Fong designed the GearGuard line in response to an ongoing snatch-and-grab threat faced by professional and amateur photographers.

This fast lock creates a “clamshell” over the bag clasp to keep it impossible to open. This is a strong deterrent to anybody looking to “casually” open your bag. Also, the bag can be tethered to any solid object and anchored down. Included with the locks are a flexible, yet heavy duty steel braided cable (impossible to cut with hand tools or knives, as seen in the demo), and a 3 digit programmable combination lock.

Currently comes in Nikon and Canon flavours

Source from PetaPixel and The Phoblographer

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