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Hello World!, yes yes…. i know. This is old news. I believe i started a blog section to my website waay back in 2008. Never got into it because the blogging platform i used back then isnt as polished as it is today. Add that to the fact that im no blog or web genius, and what you get is a stagnant boring blog.

Fast forward to 2010, ive migrated my old posts, to the current site and ive lost some comments in the process. Oh well, onwards and upwards!!
Took me abt 2 days to completely move everything over, to tweak the theme to be how i want it to look. Well, to the best of my knowledge anyway 😀

My dayjob is taking too much of my time right now and I will be updating as and when i can. Blog topics will revolve around the things that i like. Mainly anything Photography or Graphic Design related. Once in a while, ill include some behind the scene videos of my photography shoots, sharing my post processing workflow and so forth.

Feel free to gimme a shoutout via the comments or email if you have a question abt photography or design. Ill try to answer them to the best of my given knowledge. In any case that i cant do so, i’ll get a guest blogger with regards to the question being asked, to help with providing you with the best answer.

Thanks everyone!

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