Star Wars Battle of Hoth…….. recreated with Lego!

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What can i say, being a Star Wars freak since watching the first time Luke Skywalker handled his lightsaber. I love all things Star Wars. I take my hats off to this guy (goes by the handle of Avanaut in Flickr) who happen to combine my 2 loves of Star Wars and photography into a very fun hobby. His setups are nothing short of amazing and creative. His photos ahas been featured in many other websites like Wired, Gizmodo and Dominion79 to name a few. (click on links for some interviews with the man himself)

More photos and a little excerpt from what he wrote in his flickr with regards to the shot above

“The setup is simple really. All I use is an old transparent CD storage box, some water and my trusty old A4 lightbox for lighting. For the bottom of the box I have a piece of gray Lego baseplate cut in form and hotglued on a piece of acrylic sheet to give it some weight. Legos float because of all the air trapped inside individual pieces.

Anything I want to shoot is then easily mounted on the baseplate and inserted inside the CD box.

Photographing “snow” in this scale is difficult, and to amp up the challenge I wanted it to fly around. The answer was not to use faster shutterspeed but to slow the snow down.

I had a wacky idea to submerge everything in water, it slows down everything that moves. The water also causes light to reflect from solid surfaces in a way that sometimes helps hiding the miniature scale. This is an old concept I’ve been toying with for ages. For the snow I use ground plaster of Paris (reacted, not unused gypsum powder!), it is a passive material that doesn’t stick to anything.

Lighting is done with the lightbox freehand as you can see from the photo below.

I shoot a lot of frames because the “snow” is impossible to control exactly. And then some photoshopping is in order, but not always, sometimes none is needed.”

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