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Ive learnt alot of photography related stuffs from the web. Having the information right at my fingertips really has helped me learn alot. Its amazing what kind of information is available on the web these days. From “how tos” on almost any subject, to a simple “user product reviews” the www has been a wonderful resource.

Where should one begin you might ask. Best is to ask yourself what do i know right now, and what else do i want to know?

Photography has a wide range of genres to specialise in. Pick up the fundementals of photography first, and indulge yourself in all the photography the world has to offer. In a couple of weeks or months, look back at your photos and you’ll see a pattern emerging. Whatever photos you take the most of is usually the genre you should look into, but then again there are lotsa ppl who never really specialise in any particular genre but they still excel in what they do.

You’ll find plenty of sites with tutorials and guides on the net. But i usually give them a link to a fellow photog that does really awesome macro work. Visit Sulhan Photography and enrol in his web photo school. His learning notes are really good, concise and to the point. Wish i had these kind of sites while learning on my own.

Click here to download learning notes in pdf

Another way is to join Photography forums like clubsnap or kliqueimages. Learn by shooting, making mistakes and learn from the mistakes that you’ve made.

Allow me to leave you with an excerpt from my Flickrprofile page
Im a self taught artist that can never choose one artform over the other. i like to do pencil sketches, digital drawings, i like to DIY some of my stuffs (more personal and satisfying) i like to build, fix, most of the time just take things apart to see how it works. Photography comes as a natural progression from drawing for me. There was once a time in my younger days that i couldn’t afford a camera, so i just drew wat i saw. Sat down at burger king an drew the ppl there.

I guess some ppl can define me as a jack of all trades, but a master of none. But heck….. i’ll strive to be the best jack there ever will be

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