A very belated behind the scenes vid, from a not so recent photoshoot

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Hi fellas, after viewing some good behind the scenes footage from fellow photographer around the world, really makes me feel great about myself. It allows me to take a peek at the thought process of the said shoot and how they actually go about doing it, in turn it gives me the confidence that i too, can acomplish great photographs after realizing that all it takes to have a good image is a well laid out plan.

This my first…… okay, 2nd entry at doing some behind the scenes footage. My first try was done looooooong time ago.
scroll to the bottom for a youtube video, if you/re interested.

The first video i did was riddled with mistakes, mistakes made by myself during the shoot, and of course mistakes of not knowing how to do a proper behind-the-scenes-video that will grab the viewers attention. Same goes for the second entry. Having likeminded friends who shares the same passion will help tremendously, I owe much thanks to them for sharing the workload. With the next shoot, i hope to come up with better images and better video with more information.

Video editing and video taking is pretty much new to me, its a whole new ball game but yet similar is some aspects, but i didnt let that bring me down. On that note, here is the video

Outdoor photoshoot featuring Yani Mustafa from Shahrul on Vimeo.

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