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Adorable Babies from Shahrul on Vimeo.

Who doesn’t go awwwwww at the sight of cute adorable babies? I was priviledged enough to be able to photograph these kids. I knew their mothers well enough and I feel at ease being with the babies. Having come from a home that has babysat the kids of my relatives makes it easier for me to be comfortable with them.

This being my first ever photoshoot with babies and kids, I really didn’t know what to expect. All I do know is that its gonna take quite a while. And that it did. It reaaalllyyy took a while, all of us met as early as 10am, and the whole shoot wrapped up at about 6pm. With a little nap time and cranky time in between.

On with the show

Since this is the first time the babies and I are introduced, I set the first few minutes to play with them, get them used to having my presence there, and slowly get used to being photographed. The first few shots are mostly using just ambient light, also helps me to gauge the settings i need for the actual lighting setup. I just let them roam around by themselves (for the ones that can walk that is, 2 out of 3 still cant stand properly yet) while i just shoot away keeping my distance.

zyan standing
zyan standing close up

Once I feel the kids were comfy enough, I set up my lights at a predetermined location. One thing you should note about kids is that…….. they’re lightning quick. I almost gave up on my initial idea of doing off camera flash photography with these kids. A series of unusable shots, a tired mum, and 2 panting photographers later, we decided to keep the lights and use them for a more “stationary” baby instead 😀

mia and zyan sitting
diagram 1

I used the same 3 point lighting setup for most of the shots you see here and in the gallery. Only a handful of those shots are taken with a single light from the beautydish. Ouh yeah, did I mention its the first field test for our DIY Beauty Dish? Made from the sweat, blood and tears of my Photography Associate and Right Hand Man, Azmeer. More about that in the future blogposts.

When shooting with kids and babies, you need to put yourself in their shoes sometimes. To shoot a kid, you need to be like a kid. Make funny faces, blow bubbles or bribe them with toys…. do what ever it takes to get their attention. As mentioned, i actually went out to buy some bubble blowers and balloons before i came over. Of course during your planning stages keep the parents in the loop, all kids have a “safety blanket” or that particular toy that makes them feel secure and entertained.

After a break of roughly an hour because of the downpour, we had to seek shelter and of course a little respite for the kids is always welcomed. Azmeer and I took a little time out to scout for alternate locations. We ended up at what appears to be a meeting/conference/activity room. It has a nice pond and all but what got my attention was the play room.

hairi on floor
mia headband

These 2 are taken with the same 3 point lighting system

zyan catchlights
diagram 2

This image is from a single lightsource, to the left of subject and slightly above the eye level. Catchlights courtesy of the DIY Beauty Dish

Visit my flickr or my photo gallery for a full set of pics

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