Before the Fifa Footie game series existed – Bola Picit Picit (the poorman’s Subbuteo)

No Subbuteo? No problem

Found my old stash of home made cardboard/paper football thingies!  Before the Fifa Football game series became what it is today, my siblings and i turned ourselves to the world of imaginative football with a little diy.

What im getting at here is that, before the advent of computer/console games, football was mostly played outside with an actual ball or in the case of my household, it was played with an aluminium ball rolled into the shape of a very miniature game ball. The players were made with some thick paper or cardboard. Many a tissue box was sacrificed to make 22 rectangular shapes, painted with club colours and then folded in half. The idea is to make it stand like an inverted ‘V’ shape let it stand on its own and then quickly press down at the apex of the cardboard to launch the ball forward. You do this with varying strengths and ball placement to direct the shot at goal or a team mate. Hence the name. Bola picit picit is what we call it in our native malay language. A loose, word for word translation means; press press football. I shall perhaps show a video demo in another post if many are interested.

Can you identify the teams/countries?

As i got older, i followed the game of football alot more closely. In Singapore we had the roar and excitement of our local players vying for glory in the Malaysia Cup. On telly, our eyes are glued to the Premier League, although it wasnt called the FA Premier League until it was formed in 1992.

I remembered i came across these same stash a few years ago and started to make a more modern version of them through my knowledge of my dayjob doing Graphic Design related stuffs. These were right my alley, and i had joy trying to replicate the jerseys in a limited rectangular space. Detail was tough too, since not many ppl can afford to own a printer that is capable of handling such minute details.

Note that the “Unicef” logo didnt print out right, and has since been rectified

Cant remember which season these jerseys were from, perhaps the 09-10 season?

That is my QC inspector match official for the day meeting and greeting the lineup

One of the few teams that i made for a full 22 squad team (i was probably still missing a few)

This is the time honoured game ball. Made from leftover aluminium foild from a delicious chocolate bar 😀

These are some samples of the past kits that i have. Some are one off, and some are full team (with goalkeepers)

Click on images to make it go big…. really really big. these are just low res samples to show abit of the detail (as much as your monitor can provide)

I’ll keep updating the blog with more recent teams as and when i have time to complete them. If anyone is interested, ill be making a first eleven of certain Premiership, Serie A, La Liga teams. All properly done, and layed out either onto an A3 or A4 sheet depending on the demand (if any)

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