Bruno Mars custom vinyl decal | Client’s Custom Order

Did a custom order for a client who requested for a Bruno Mars custom vinyl decal for the gf’s laptop

A few exchanges of msgs later, i have a rough idea of what he has in mind and the also the brand/model of laptop the gf owns. This is very helpful information for me to gauge the overall size20140524-134308-49388689.jpg





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How much would it be to get the bruno Mars as a car decal bout 7 inches tall? The last pic you showed w/his name and hooligan included in it. I would like to purchase the two of him plus the hooligan as well.

5 years ago

    Decal itself would be abt $4.00sgd, total price would depend on your location. locally it would prob be an added dollar for non-registered mail

    5 years ago

How do I purchase from you? I’d like all of the Bruno Mars decals

4 years ago
    Shahrul Azmi

    shoot an email to and someone there will guide you along.

    4 years ago

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