Sky Series 2011 – Eric Cahan

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Beautiful series of pictures by Eric Cahan. What got my attention were the colours. It wasnt until abt the third picture that i realised these wasnt graphical gradients created in an imaging program like Photoshop or Illustrator. But these are actual photographs of actual locations. The stark simplicity makes me appreciate it even more.


Some effort went into these costumes :D.

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Some are of these costumes are quite a common sight in comic-conventions around the world, these are the selected few that are rarely used by cosplayers. And im pleasantly surprised, at how good the overall outcome is. Hot girl + geeky comic/80s cartoon character = awesomeness. Can you name them all?


Sexy Disney princesses – Greg Destefano

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Sexy Disney princesses! Ah, the wonderful world of Disney has been sexed up in an awesome cosplay photoshoot by Greg De Stefano. This is the same photographer who did the brilliant Mario Smash Bros. Brawl cosplay photoshoot last year.

Greg is back, this time with a gallery of gorgeous models dressed as sexy Disney princesses. I believe these gals made a big splash at 2009 Comic Con.

Here a just a few of the photos, be sure to visit his gallery to view them all! Also, be sure to watch the two videos at the bottom of this post. There’s a Process Art video, as well as a Behind the Scenes clip as well.

Great job, Sir! And thanks so much for letting us know. We look forward to your next project!

We posted another similar idea by photographer- Ryan Astamendi a few weeks ago


Forgotten Archives: Soccer/Football Themed Shoot

Ok, so the story is that i was doing my regular disk archiving when i came across this particular folder. The contents were of me and another photog buddy of mine who were bored one Sunday afternoon, and decided to take on some sporty photography. The shoot itself didnt go as planned…. not to the plans i had in my head anyway. We had a lil bit of trouble balancing the ambient with the quality of light that we wanted to achieve.


Sexy Green Guardians – Calendar

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The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests. Covering 30% of the total land area and the livelihood of 1.6 billion people depends on them, our forest cover is depleting at an alarming rate with widespread deforestation, rapid urbanization and indiscriminate plunder of forest wealth. The repercussions are drastic climate change and a greatly threatened ecosystem.

To spread awareness of the International Year of Forests, Doo Creative teamed up with photographer Suresh Natarajan to create the Green Guardians Calendar 2011. The entire spread was shot in South Africa and features sexy tribal women posing in an endangered forest.


Im inspired!

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Few weeks ago, i stumbled upon these fellas calling themselves Inspire Me Baby. After a few weeks of being busy, and trying to look busy, im finally able to blog abt it. From my understanding, the site is, in their own words,

“devoted to publishing inspiring baby/child/and family photography. We cover everything from amazing newborn sessions to unique and fun family sessions. The work featured here inspires me and I hope it inspires you too.”

They cover sessions made by other Baby/Child Photographers as well. Ive done a few newborn and baby photo sessions myself, all to a certain success and failure. How i wish i had stumbled across this site years ago. It has a wealth of information pertaining to baby/child and family photography

Im not at liberty to link their images here, cos they might belong to the respective photographers. So you just have to head on down there yourself…… Go ahead, have a look.