Sexy Disney princesses – Greg Destefano

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Sexy Disney princesses! Ah, the wonderful world of Disney has been sexed up in an awesome cosplay photoshoot by Greg De Stefano. This is the same photographer who did the brilliant Mario Smash Bros. Brawl cosplay photoshoot last year.

Greg is back, this time with a gallery of gorgeous models dressed as sexy Disney princesses. I believe these gals made a big splash at 2009 Comic Con.

Here a just a few of the photos, be sure to visit his gallery to view them all! Also, be sure to watch the two videos at the bottom of this post. There’s a Process Art video, as well as a Behind the Scenes clip as well.

Great job, Sir! And thanks so much for letting us know. We look forward to your next project!

We posted another similar idea by photographer- Ryan Astamendi a few weeks ago


Rotting Hill

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Most people will share anything with their true love: time, money, affection, fresh human flesh.

At least that’s the idea behind new short Rotting Hill — a love story billed by its creators as a “zombie rom-com.” The film (above) was created by students at the Media Design School in New Zealand, working under the tutelage of director James Cunningham, the school’s 3-D course leader.

Rotting Hill is the collision of two film genres. The zombie film and romance film,” Cunningham said in a blog post about the film. “Zombies used to be humans too, so I guess the idea behind the film is why would these emotions go away just because you’re a reanimated corpse?”

According to the blog post, the film took 12 week to produce and needed 22 CGI graphics and visual-effects shots. The filmmakers also made a behind-the-scenes clip about the creative process (below).

Finally, a film that answers the age-old question: Would you give up the last piece of intestine for your one true love?



Rotting Hill from Media Design School on Vimeo.

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Tiger Stone brick layer

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This machine that lays down ready-made brick road—some are calling it a “road printer“—really grabbed the internet’s attention this morning (exhibits one, two, and three).

The Tiger Stone works like this: Operators on top of this rig grab bricks from a hopper and feed them into an opening. As the vehicle drives, gravity pulls them down in a perfectly tessellated layer and lays them on a prepared sand surface. Apparently it can lay out 400 meters of road in a day. See it in action in the video below, complete with incongruous bubbly soundtrack.

It’s kind of ingenious. And, as Inhabitat points out, brick roads have some environmental advantages.

Bricks are easy to procure and reuse, cement pavers last a very long time, and they are easy to repair and replace. They tolerate water and freezing without forming cracks, and some newer systems actually absorb rainwater between the pavers and infuse it back into the ground again, reducing storm water runoff and helping improve the effectiveness of aquifers.


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Splitscreen: A love story

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These are still images from a short film by JW Griffiths. Shot entirely on a Nokia N8 Mobile Phone. The timing is just perfect… the pre-visualisation of the scene and post production must be proud of themselves for pulling this off. Kudos to the team involved.