Creative Yearbook Photos

In Russia they certainly know how to mix it up and bring school to the next level. In an attempt to make their yearbook a little more fun, they came up with the idea to let the kids draw whatever they wanted on the blackboard and then be photographed in front of it in different poses. Let me tell you, the result is something that should be copied by every school around the world. What fun is to sit in front of a single colored wall and have your photo taken on picture day? That’s just boring.

By doing it this way, the kids bring to it their creativity, thoughts and dreams. What more could you want from a picture that is supposed to express positivity and creativity? Somehow though I doubt they drew these images themselves; however, I can imagine they got some help portraying what they had in their mind. That’s still awesome in my book. Their yearbook must be the most creative yet, don’t you think? And here we go, now we’ll see a landslide of yearbook pictures being sent to us and every other geek blog on the Internet. No worries, bring it on! We’d love to check them all out!





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