Digital Compositing work for Sony, TopGear Singapore and CarBuyer

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These are just a collection of some of the digital compositing stuff i had to do while at my previous jobs, some of these are quite old and are just proposal so we’re just using low res stock photos.

Usually the brief for this is either very very brief(see what i did there) or very urgent. We need to quickly understand the client’s needs, what they want to show and the mood portrayed, all in a matter of days and sometimes hours.

I would first do some quick sketches to get a good overall feel and sense of size ratios and composition. Once i have a general idea it makes it easier to look for photos in the case for sony since they didnt provide us with any image assets to work with. When this happens, stock photo agencies are your best friends. Im sure you already have a selected few already saved in your bookmarks by now. 

For this Sony Asia poster, the brief was quite straightforward. They just want to have their batteries portrayed to be better then their competitors. Brief is a generic as it can be but we still gotta work with it.

The publishers TopGear Singapore had initially requested to see if we can have a localised cover but didnt have time to organize a proper shoot for it. So this is what i had suggested.

I searched around for a suitable image and stumbled upon a few that might work. The task at hand was to look for easily recognizable landmarks and see which would not look out of place with some cars on a road. The decision wasnt that hard to make since ive seen a few design promos for the F1 Night Race and its not hard to see why the Esplanade was chosen. Further searching and 2 cups of coffee later, i found this image, of which the name of the photographer eludes me at this time. I did a quick mask and the pieces of the jigsaw fit perfectly. If this had gone ahead, the photographer would have been contacted to arrange for cover image use, truth be told we could have just gone over to the site and took our own photo from the exact same spot, but as usual time was against us.

One of the first few covers that i have worked on for CarBuyer, also previously posted abt it here

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