An old and almost forgotten pastime for me – sketching (part 2/2)

I dont think this post requires another intro, but in case you missed it, you can just go to the post right before this to get up to speed. With that out of the way, where were we?

Immediately after the last post, i did a quick paint over with some color to see what the digital painting would look like.

Digital Painting part 2

I was kinda pleased with it at first, but after i kept looking at it during that post and this, i realized the color was a bit off. So i tried to knock back the color a little, reduce the opacity of the solids underneath, reduced some further greys and this is what i got.

ts been about seven days inbetween the 2 posts and im kinda happy with the last tweak. There is still much to be done, especially the sleeve area. The digital painting currently looks too flat but i doubt id ever get back to this again as im about to start on another quick sketch. oh well till then my imaginary followers……..

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