An old and almost forgotten pastime for me – sketching (part 1/2)


Thanks to portfolio websites like Deviantart, the not-so-newly-Adobe-aquired Behance and the current trend of being able to link all these sites to your social media profile, i get to see more and more awesome artwork made by both friends and family alike. Some of them have also inspired me to pick up where I left off. (some progression sketches after the jump)

Digital Painting

It has been almost 10 years since i actually last did a pen to paper sketch. I remember doing it quite a bit while serving my National Service to pass the time. After every shift, i would add the nice looking ones and pasted it onto the inside of my locker door. I regretted not snapping a picture of it for keepsake.

No longer having sketchbooks with me at all times(might change soon) i have resorted to try my hand again at digital painting. This shouldnt come as a surprise for some of you since i have shared some digital sketches before. Mostly were still work in progress and i doubt id ever get back to it.

I spent a few mins to check out a few youtube tutorials to get myself up to speed. A few tutorials later, this is what i came up with. The proportions here are actually off by abt 30%. I was just getting some basic shapes down and i know i can correct it later(this would’ve been a nightmare if i was still using pencil)

With these already laid down, i proceeded to tighten the lines further while still maintaining a smooth enough stroke. Which reminds me, anyone knows of any good brushes for ps that mimics pencil strokes?

I took my time and really really tried my best to give the sketch its light and dark values. Im not one who colors his sketches much so this is pretty much new territory for me.

After getting this far, i got a lil bit over excited and laid down some preliminary colours, both darks and lights. As you can see, there is still some long long ways to go before i can actually call this done.

Till the next update, i guess i’ll be up and awake till the wee hours looking throught the many tutorials before i proceed with the colors

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