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Adobe Muse, now in beta, is a tool traditional designers can use to create HTML websites without having to deal with code.

Briefly, if you spend more time in InDesign and Photoshop than you do on the Internet, Muse (the code name for Adobe’s soon-to-be-officially-launched new product) might be a godsend for you. And if you feel marginally more competent in the aforementioned tools than in a code editor, Muse is still something you’ll want to check out.

Had a quick look thru the interface a few weeknights ago, and i immediately find myself in familiar territory. If you have been using much of Adobe’s software for the past few years, you should have no problems finding your way around. What you need to learn however, is to find out what the new buttons/tabs are and how they work. A quick trip to Adobe’s Muse site will take care of that

The flowchart like interface is a welcome sight. It’s easier for me to see the overall pages that i have or may need in the future.

Once everything was done, i loaded it up to my local server and it worked quite well for a few minutes of work. Granted a designer with better coding skills could probably have fared much better. I did, however took a peek into the coding that it automatically generated. To the untrained eye…. much like the ones i own, it looks sort of messy, perhaps a few repetitions of code here and there. Any coders out there that can verify this for me?

These are a few screenshots with a website im currently working on. It was supposed to run on drupal, but i used some of the already created assets and inserted it into Muse for me to play around with.

Click on this link for a bit more in depth look of what you can expect

Here’s a preview video from Adobe:


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