Late night grocery shopping Hari Raya 2015

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Not really sure when this first started but we all agreed that it was probably in 2010 or 2011 when we rented a van during the Hari Raya Holidays.

The premise was simple, we couldnt get the van any earlier so most of our bulk shopping happens on the first day of raya itself, usually right after the last house. And it has been quite interesting as the last house would sometimes differ every year. So far we have done our late night grocery shopping Hari Raya 2015 at Jurong Point, Serangoon Nex, Mustafa, Ang Mo Kio and Elias Mall’s Sheng Siong. There were even times where we had to do some “top up” shopping the next day.

Its interesting to note that we werent the only family there shopping in our baju kurungs, there were others as well! Although depending on the time of night, the number differs quite a bit.

I was pretty shy at first, but upon seeing how there wasnt alot of people there, i become more and more comfortable shooting. The first few were quite safe and expected but nearer to the end of the shopping session, i started to play around abit and the set of photos at the frozen section is a clear favourite. It took quite a few frames to get the calculation of focussing right. I got lucky during the last few frames and focussing seems to be spot on, composition wasnt that bad either. I also tried to play around with some timelapse and tried to manually balance it inside the child seat of the NTUC trolley. On hindsight, i should have done this since the beginning and probably with a seperate camera, the GoPro would prob be alot better suited than a bulky DSLR. The results of which were less than desired but at least i have a go to plan for the next coming Hari Raya

This is the only year where i had consciously remembered to bring a camera with me during the late night grocery shopping Hari Raya 2015 and these are some of the selected pictures for sharing.


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