New EPL/BPL 2013-2014 season is upon us

Yep, the curtain raiser came and went. With the new season well on its way with another round of fixtures, im also well on my way making these “cardboard-football” aka “poor-man’s subbuteo

I enjoy making them as much as playing them, although i rarely have time to actually play them. No one in my household would want to entertain me. And these being a 2 person tabletop competetion, its rather ridiculous for me to play it all on my own.

Come one in to see a simple breakdown of how it’s done

Arsenal jersey detail closeup

More often than not, it has been more like me practicing my software skills for real world applications. From sourcing the actual vector logos, to getting the full team roster, and knowing which last name and with which name configuration is used at the back of their jerseys. Getting just enough fine detail without swelling up the final file size is quite an art in itself.

NUFC wordmark logo closeup

For some of the custom fonts, like this NUFC wordmark logo, i had to make it from scratch. There was just isnt enough information on the interwebs about which font was originally used, so i had to eyeball it and make it look as close to the original as i possibly could without having the original jersey in my hand.

Its been quite some time since ive used an imposition tool and after the 3rd consecutive season of doing this, i may have streamlined my workflow to the best of my ability. Speaking of imposition softwares, i know my old office uses Quite Imposing, i visited their website but found their website to be quite dated. Call me snobbish but, sometimes this sort of things concern me. And for what its worth, i sorta remembered the full suite to be out of my price league for a passion project such as this. A little bit more poking around google led me to Imposition Software, pretty attractive price. Id prob go this route for the price and features if i was doing commisioned work. In the end, Rhimposition got my curiosity and then my attention. Its donationware and i suggest you guys to check it out as well. Its pretty basic but it does what i need it to do.

Direct download links would be made available as and when it would be ready.
Currently i have these up and running and ready for immediate download.


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