On Location Outdoor Group Shots with off camera lighting, at CHIJ

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Hi fellas, lets continue on with the second installment of the on location group shots. This time we’ll be taking it outdoors.

First and foremost, what usually concerns me most for any photoshoot taking place outdoors is the weather. That can seriously affect the mood of the talent involved, and also the overall outcome of the picture.
You might also want to take note of the scheduled time the said shoot will be taking place, and also duration. Different shoots with different creative briefs will dictate the time where the shoot will take place. Shooting at noon is tough, not impossible but tough.

One must find ways of controlling the harsh sunlight. Mornings and late afternoons are a favourite among photographers, especially strobists.

Planning ahead while keeping these in mind could save you some trouble in the future.

Now lets move on shall we?

Azmeer and I didn’t really have time to scout the location beforehand, sometimes you just gotta think on your feet. As usual I made a quick assessment with my naked eyes, and then use my camera to see if the angle works. Because sometimes it might look good in your head, but when looked through the chosen lens with the focal length of your choice, you will see branches, buildings that you know can make or break the shot.

A little planning before you snap the trigger will save you hours in post-processing afterwards.

We approached this in the same way we did for the indoor shoot.
Balance the ambient with the output of your flash, and if you’re not sure what that means, have a read here and here

picture 9
diagram 3

With this image, we had quite a big place to work with, but the only hindrance we had was the seating area. The tables and chairs was an outdoor patio kind, with big umbrellas that were to heavy for us to remove.
It would’ve been awesome if the inside of the umbrella was white. Unfortunately it wasn’t, and short of making the teachers and students look sick with a greenish hue, we had to get our shoot through umbrella in real close. We could have just blasted it at 1/2 power from a distance, but that will actually have shadow casts from the umbrella pole. A second lightsource was introduced to give a slight hint of a kicker light from the sides.

The rest came easy, and we just had to have some variations for Microsoft to choose from. That means, mixing talents and of course alternating the locations (where available).

picture 8
picture 10
picture 11

View the larger images at my Flickr Set here
And that concludes the outdoor session for the group shots at CHIJ.

Thank you for reading and feel free to air out your thoughts and comments for me to improve my workflow.

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