Paul Scholes Wallpaper Tribute

Inspired by a colleague who churns out football related graphic designs on an almost daily basis, i decided to try my hand on my very first fan art. Being a red devil, i thought it would be apt to start off with the Gingered Prince. Download link at the bottom of the post

Paul Scholes Wallpaper Tribute

Paul Scholes Tribute

The design for the Paul Scholes Wallpaper Tribute im putting up as a download is actually the third draft. Initial shortcomings of not having the luxury of owning a large bank of hi res images to use from has prompted me to change the design and layout quite a bit from the first initial idea.

I will prob continue on with this new found outlet for a quick creative challenge with more fan art. And possibly more wallpapers as well(if the image resolution permits it)

Download Link
Paul Scholes Wallpaper (513 downloads)

The extension “.jpg” seems to have been removed after downloading. Im still trying to figure it out from my side, but for a quick and dirty fix, you can just add the .jpg extension on your own and it should work just fine.

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8 years ago

any thoughts if you will expand to other clubs

8 years ago
john smith

download no working

8 years ago

    i have just updated the post with some instructions in green. For now, you can just add .jpeg extension after downloading to make it work

    8 years ago

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