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One advantage of working as freelancer(depending on your area of discipline) is that you do not have to be restricted to local clients. Ive had the opportunity to work with clients from as far away as England. But one the few drawbacks that i came across was when it was time to be compensated monetarily. In other words, the part where you request payment for the design service(s) that you’ve done.

It is to my understanding that Paypal charges as much as 3.4% for receiving payments from goods and services. By the time i realised about Paypal’s charges it was already too late, and took it as a lesson learnt the hard way.

It just so happens that i heard news that fellas from will be reviving their podcasts. In episode 2 of their podcast, they had a small mention of such drawbacks and shared with the rest of us a link to a Paypal Calculator. What it does is basically help you to calculate how much to charge overall, and still earn the actual amount your project is worth.

Ive did a quick search and these 3 came up top in google search


Not the cleanest of sites, but one with useful features. It has region specific droopdown options for you to tweak to your exact needs. This is the the paypal calculator mentioned in the podcast



This one like the next, is quite simple, u punch in the amount you wish to receive, click a button, and a you will be directed to another page with the results that shows you how much you should charge in excess to compensate for Paypal’s charges. Simple but not region specific.


This one is like middle ground from the previous to sites. Its simple yet with some tweakable parameters to be useful enough for some users.

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