Printhead Cleanup and DIY Thumbdrive Envelope


What happens when a plan you’ve had in mind falls apart? You improvise and you improvise quick. Long story short, i had shot a wedding with some folks over at Latenightproject and was due to send over the deliverables to the client. Everything was going well so far with the PhotoBook and Custom Album being ready early the only thing left i had to do was to archive all photos into a DVD and print the usual cover design. All routine so far right? well that’s as far as my usual routines go. It turns out that my printer was busted and i couldnt figure out what the problem was.


The design and planning stage for the envelope.

Luckily i had time on my side and i just figured that i will just put the photos onto a thumbdrive and call it a day. But the problem with that plan is that i dont have any branding for any thumbdrives and any casing that might go with it. So the next day, i went over to my custom album maker and he advised that its not worth the price or time to just create one piece. It would be a different story altogether if it was a bulk order, so he advised in creating some sort of envelope to be passed together with the PhotoAlbum and deliverables.


Printed and run through my vinyl cutter for a quick clean cut.

Not a bad idea, apart from the fact that my printed isnt working. I was determined to find out if my printer situation had a quick fix. A change of original inks didnt work, a system reset didnt work and the only lead i got while googling around was to do a printhead cleanup.

I read and re-read the instructions and finally did the printhead cleanup. Will prob do another blogpost abt this once i have the time. It was quite scary but it was kind easy to do once you’ve figured out what the parts were and wat was needed to be done. Unfortunately as i was too eager to get this fixed as soon as possible, i didnt have time to document the whole process. The pics i have were meant to serve as reference for myself if i ever had to do a printhead cleanup and or reprint and cut the DIY thumbdrive envelope.


Nice clean and crisp folded edges with the help of a bone folder


Not sure where i got this particular thumbdrive from, i was actually thinking of creating a new outer shell with some proper branding but time wasnt on my side.


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