Putra, gone too soon……

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You’ve touched us all, and will forever be in our hearts.
4th March 2009 – 28th April 2012

The face i see everytime i close my eyes

Exactly 3 years and 1 day…… dats the time we’ve had with each other. You came to our home as a lil curled up furrball, the date was 27th April 2009. It was a week where i had just stopped working at my dayjob which worked in my favour since i could take care of you day and night. Where i can be there to ease your anxiety of being in a new location, experiencing new smells, new sights and of course…. to settle into your new home.

Snuggles and cuddles

Whenever i was feeling down about something, all i had to do was pick him up and give a quick hug, as cliche as it may sound……. this is my therapy and it works for me. Whenever i see or read about how cats are abused in papers, i would always look for putra soon after to give him a nice big hug. Feeling grateful that i have you with me. Burying my face into your soft furry belly while i lift you over my head was my favourite thing to do, and it certainly made me forget bad things that has happened prior to it.

List of things that you do to liven up our home:

  1. How you always happen to wake me up at the correct time everytime.
  2. Your distinctive meow.
  3. How you got your fifteen minutes of fame, being featured on the daily kitten, now called good morning kitten(click for link)
  4. How your meow turns into a big yawn in a single breath
  5. How comfy you look when sleeping on the pile clothes that’s just been out of the washing machine.
  6. How you always stop us in our tracks because you want a belly rub from all of us the moment we wake up and head to the bathroom.
  7. How you play hide and seek with my feet.
  8. How your many chest hair looks.
  9. How i always let you sniff sniff whatever i have in my hand before i eat it, and u never seem to take a bite.
  10. Hearing your bell in the middle of the night, because ure still active.
  11. How furry your belly is.
  12. How comfy you look when sleeping on my working chair.
  13. How you meow and wait for my signal before jumping up to bed with me.
  14. How you always come running to the fridge when im taking out some ice cubes while preparing a drink, thinking i was getting a toy for you.
  15. How you look when you meow wanting to cuddle on my lap as im doing work/playing games.
  16. How you become a tiny white ninja and pounce on unsuspecting passers by.
  17. How you have tufts of fur in between your toes.
  18. How you gave me mini heart attacks as a small kitten when i see you chilling out on the ledge of the 13th floor window.
  19. How you sleep along the walls of our home corridor like a boss, and usually with arms up and belly exposed.
  20. The surprise i get on the days that you greet me at the door when i get home.
  21. How comfy you look when sleeping along the busy footways of our house
  22. How you try to get in between my sister and her desktop monitor by climbing on to her desk,  just so that she can serve you dinner.
  23. How you become my furry four legged barometer, by looking for a place to hide when its about to rain.
  24. How you always wanna be near either one of us when we do our daily activities.
  25. Gives us a very angry and depressing meow the moment we step into the house for leaving you alone at home.
  26. How your forehead smells.
  27. How you never seem to disturb our food when its left unattended on the floor during ramadhan.
  28. Your tiny footsteps on my legs while trying to find a good spot to rest for the night.
  29. How comfy you look when sleeping on the sofa
  30. How excited you get when one of us receives a package from overseas, and you really really really want the box that it came in.
  31. How you keep me fit when we take turns chasing each other around the house.
  32. How you have minor characteristics of a long hair cat, but your siblings and parents look like normal short hair cats.
  33. How scared you are of the outside world, that you hid at the shoe rack area when you got accidentally locked out.
  34. How perfectly you full body length fits into 3 square tiles of my home.
  35. How you recognize my sister as the one who always feeds you.
  36. How you recognize my younger cousin as your playmate.
  37. How you recognize my brother as the one who bathes you, and tricks you with and without treats.
  38. How you recognize my mum as the one who rubs your belly every morning when everyone else is still asleep.
  39. How you recognize me as all that and more…………..

Thank you for keeping my mum company when im not home. She misses you as much as i do. Your gentle and charming nature changed my mum’s feelings about you. She wasnt keen on me having you, but you slowly approached her as days went by. She has a lil problem with holding things that are sort of icky. By icky she’s just not used to holding a cat i guess. She went from not being able to touch and pet, to giving you belly rubs every day. She even mentioned that you were gone too soon, she just got to know you.

In these three years that you were here, ive given you some nicknames: Mr Cat, Putra Cat, Pucha, Cringer, Battle-Cat, Put-Put, Storm Shadow, Mr Meow, Budak Kecik, Si Kecik and Snow Meow. I wiill miss the times when it seems like we were actually having a conversation. You would meow at anything i say while looking up at me, I bet most of the readers here know what i mean. There will be times when you really have the connection, like suddenly jumping onto your lap without being called. Those are the times i really cherish, times where i feel like my presence is wanted.

It took me this long to write this entry, cos for every few lines that i had to do, and with all the photos i had to go through, i must’ve stopped, wiped tears off my face, and walked away from my laptop for what seems like millions upon millions of times. And everytime i came back to it, i’d feel like a novelist, with more and more to write about. But i guess i have to stop somewhere…

Putra my dear cat, thank you for all the good times, Thank you for keeping me warm and cosy at night. Till we meet again……..

P/S its gettin dark, windy and it looks like its abt to rain here cant help but hope you’re not feeling scared.

You’ve grown into one handsome feline


That’s how i look right now without you Mr Cat……. 🙁


Me Casa, me gusta


He scores hat tricks at will….. right after his afternoon naps


Under the main sofa, where he likes to hide sometimes and swipe at my mum’s feet when she sits there. His actions has made my mum love him


One of the many favourite poses he has when sleeping. He likes to dangle his paw over the edge when sleeping on things/places which has a lil bit of height. That includes ironing boards, refridgerators, chairs and the top of wardrobes



More photos of my beloved cat consolidated into 1 set in my Flickr acct. Didnt realize how much photos ive taken of him, and right now i dont think i have enough 🙁

Click on image to go to flickr set



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