DIY iPhone 5 Skin Decal – a quick makeshift replacement

My free iphone casing/covers just broke apart. The transparent plastic one broke apart near the up/down volume buttons making it somewhat loose and the other which was touted to be skin tight with good protection also became loose. Not sure what had happened to it but it seems to be loose from expansion of some sort. Either way, i got tired of using them anymore because some loose dirt and grime got in and accumulated at the back….. yuck! (be glad i didnt snap a picture of that) Long story short, i just didnt wanna pay $20 odd for any new cover, and i went on to get some vinyl and pasted it on.

Prototype 2, iphone 5 decal skin

The vinyl at hand is usually used as decals for wall art, car stickers and almost everything else on a flat surface. I thought, why dont i just give it a try. First things first, i had to find out the dimensions of the iphone 5’s back plate. Measured it twice for reference and then went on the web for a template that i could work from. Lo and behold i found a site that already has it in vector format(yay!!) All i had to do now is make sure the dimensions are correct and that the holes for the back and front facing camera are where they should be. Prototype 1: The first vinyl decal that got cut turned out to be slightly smaller that my phone, figured out that the problem was when i exported the file as a .dxg and the dimensions didnt stay 1:1. No matter, good thing there is an easy workaround and i got it sorted. Bad thing was that i only realised the decals were slightly smaller when everything was already weeded, cut and just about ready to be applied onto the phone itself.

Devil  emblem decal

Prototype 2: The second time round it looks like everything went ok if not for another user problem….. That problem was me not applying the decal properly. In hindsight, i should have used the wet method of application instead. Since it was just a flat white, i thought i’d add a lil devil to show my allegiance. I had 2 sizes for a trial and error. The bigger one was abt 50mm in length and the smaller version was 30mm.

Devil emblem closeup

All in all, this has been a success, now i just gotta see how this vinyl stands up agains normal day to day use and if its good. I shall make this an option for anyone who needs a simple and cheap protection for their mobile phones.

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