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Most people will share anything with their true love: time, money, affection, fresh human flesh.

At least that’s the idea behind new short Rotting Hill — a love story billed by its creators as a “zombie rom-com.” The film (above) was created by students at the Media Design School in New Zealand, working under the tutelage of director James Cunningham, the school’s 3-D course leader.

Rotting Hill is the collision of two film genres. The zombie film and romance film,” Cunningham said in a blog post about the film. “Zombies used to be humans too, so I guess the idea behind the film is why would these emotions go away just because you’re a reanimated corpse?”

According to the blog post, the film took 12 week to produce and needed 22 CGI graphics and visual-effects shots. The filmmakers also made a behind-the-scenes clip about the creative process (below).

Finally, a film that answers the age-old question: Would you give up the last piece of intestine for your one true love?



Rotting Hill from Media Design School on Vimeo.

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