Sexy Disney princesses – Greg Destefano

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Sexy Disney princesses! Ah, the wonderful world of Disney has been sexed up in an awesome cosplay photoshoot by Greg De Stefano. This is the same photographer who did the brilliant Mario Smash Bros. Brawl cosplay photoshoot last year.

Greg is back, this time with a gallery of gorgeous models dressed as sexy Disney princesses. I believe these gals made a big splash at 2009 Comic Con.

Here a just a few of the photos, be sure to visit his gallery to view them all! Also, be sure to watch the two videos at the bottom of this post. There’s a Process Art video, as well as a Behind the Scenes clip as well.

Great job, Sir! And thanks so much for letting us know. We look forward to your next project!

We posted another similar idea by photographer- Ryan Astamendi a few weeks ago



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