Short Bali weekend trip

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Bali 2011 from Shahrul on Vimeo.

These are some of the photos + videos from the recent short trip to Bali. Didnt have enough forethought to actually plan and document the whole process. Oh well…. there will always be a “next” trip.

We had a pleasant time staying at Amadea Resort & Villas, ¬†quite a nice place….. quiet and a little too hidden though. Its about a 1-20 minute walk to the nearest shore. But its immediate vicinity is riddled with boutiques, restaurants, spas and what have you.


We made a beeline to the many shops/boutiques near our hotel. Nice watering holes with good music, the obligatory surf shops and a fixie bike shop/cafe

When we finally got to the shore, we were greeted by the thunderous roar of the beach. We chanced upon a secluded stretch on the beach which i think is due to the fact that it close to a temple there. Most of the people will steer clear out of respect to the temple and its people there.

bali beach daytime 2 from Shahrul on Vimeo.

Bali beach daytime from Shahrul on Vimeo.

We headed out for a quick bite and returned just in time for me to catch the sunset. Nothing beats the calm serenity of hearing the camera shutter every few seconds while watching the sun go down with a cigarette in between your fingers.


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