Single light off camera lighting

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shutter drag1
As much as i love my skyports, bringing extra gear and setting things up can be quite a chore when i don’t have my own crew like Chase Jarvis or Annie Leibovitz. More often than not i usually get help from whoever is ard me at that point in time.

If im on a shoot alone and im not bringing that much light with me, i usually go with a 2 light setup (one sb800 and one sun, we only have one sun) but i’ll be leaving the Skyports behind for my ttl cable.

For this example i will be using pictures from the time i had to do a cover shot for a band. Decided to go light for mobility since the band had that one requirement.

shutter drag2
The first few shots were done at the underground carpark area of the Esplanade, they had nice lights there and i sorta like the vibe from them while being on the go as they were always laughing and having fun.

I dragged the shutter to have the whole fun and crazy feel with a slight touch of movement. You might want to add a monopod to your arsenal of gears to have some extended reach with your off camera strobes

Up next, we saw this interesting interplay of converging lines from the inner doors of the Esplanade entrance. I thought that it would make an interesting backround for them, after much trial and error, it seems me being shorthanded and short on the gear, means that i have to improvise cos i juz couldnt get enough light to illuminate the areas that i wanted to. As you can see from the following images, i decided to kill all the ambient and went ahead with the usual style of strobist-single light-side-lighting.

Given a chance, id have added rim lights for more seperation, and a reflector for the subject’s broadside.

The seats at the concourse area has some nice wals for added texture, i placed them smack in the middle, lifted my left arm like an orangutan, and fired away. This continued on throughout the day all ard the Esplanade
halo 1
halo 2

My concluding thots are…. plan ahead. Spontaneaity can only get you so far. Discuss with your clients, talk it out, ask for samples if needed. Who knows, the look the client is after may not require you to lug so many equipment or need a crew of 6 to a shoot.

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