Stormtrooper PS4 skin decal

Category : Art, Custom Vinyls, Design, DIY

Inspired by the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game which has a special PS4 bundle. Everyone was excited for it because it included a special Darth Vader PS4 Skin Decal design

I tried to give this a go with the tools at my disposal and this is what i managed to come up with. This is the first prototype and the dimensions are still off by a few microns but the idea is there. This PS4 skin decal would be available soon once i have everything sorted everything out.

It seems i have a few limitations with regards to design and image usage but, i hope to get a proper printer which i hope will then offer a similar or close enough quality as what the big boys are offering. Its a slow process but do gimme some time as this is still a one man project.

Darth Vader good, but still not quite sure abt that DS4 design though

Alternate view
Some close up shots of the cuts.

Would you guys be interested in any other PS4 skin decal?


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